My Inspiration List (15.10.2017)

Today I started to write my official Blog.

Actually I want to started it earlier, but to be frank i don’t have enough courage or say afraid to express what I feel.

But it is essential to express our self or feeling in front of someone or use to write down in diary.

In this digital generation i took help Blog to do it.

So, here is the subject of my first blog.

My Inspiration List

I have inspired, admired & impressed lots of person in my life. but due to my Introvert nature i have never expressed my feelings for them.Their role in my life is game changer. I have learnt so much things from them. I always believe in Positive vibes & surrounded by them i always feel so.

1. Ajay Upadhyay – Maths & Science Teacher in 10th standard

Tenure:- 2005 to 2009 

2. Vikram Purohit – Maths Teacher in 12th standard

Tenure:- 2007 to 2009

3. Niharika Nath Mehta – College friend

Tenure :- 2010 to till date

4.  Kanchi Sanghvi – School Friend / FB friend

Tenure – 2012 to till date

5. Kaushal Shah – Office Senior/colleague/Technical Guide

Tenure – 2015 to till date

6. Sanjay Vadodara – Dept. Head 

Tenure – 2015 to till date

7. Kajal Dhebar – 🤔

Tenure – 14th October……!!!!

Above are the people with whom I got in contact.

Now comes to some national  – international personalities.

1. Narendra Modi

2. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

3. Swami Vivekananda

4. Mahendrasinh Dhoni

5. Rahul Dravid.

6. Jay Vasavada

7. Morari Bapu
So, Guys i tried to write my 1st blog.

Yes, it’s not like professional writer.

So there may be grammatical mistakes.but I’ll try to avoid it in my next one..